Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sachi and Miko

We are the babies of the house. We are the foster kittens. The ladies at the adoption center are nice, but we really don't like being in a cage and have to put up with people poking and awing at us. We're hoping the humans will stop showing us for adoption and just decide to keep us.

We try to be good. We don't claw furniture. We did knock the mom human's vase down, but it was an accident. And the torn papers on the floor, well, we tried to hide and hoped she wouldn't notice. But she saw us with the tissue hanging from our mouths. Oops Guilty!

Quote of the Day - "Cats are just kids with fur."


  1. Your family sounds a lot like us! Most of us actually started out as foster, but we convinced our mom and dad to keep us! Right now there are 6 of us and one foster kitten, Saylor. The other 2 fosters found a forever home 3 weeks ago.
    Thanks for stopping by our blog! It's so great to meet you! Be sure to check into the cat blogosphere to get the latest and greatest news! You can even send them an email or comment introducing yourselves!!


  2. You are so adorable! Please come and visit uSSSSS! We read about you on the CB. ML wants to thank you for the wonderful compliment!!!

    Love, uSSSSS

    & Auntie Deb