Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October 5, 2009

This was a tough weekend for me and my humans. I was in such distress, I couldn't walk, I was having trouble breathing. My humans rushed me to emergency just before midnight. They put me in an oxygen tank hoping to save me. But I couldn't stay any longer and I left them shortly after midnight on Sunday.

I came into this little girl's life over 12 years ago when she was still doing chalk drawings on the patio. We knew we belonged to each other. We played together, we talked to each other, we made each other happy. I put her to bed every night and tried to be back before she woke up in the morning. She would pick me up and hold me close, and I would nuzzle her to let her know how special she was.

My girl is grown up now. And my purpose in this life is complete and she understands I had to leave. I will visit her from time to time to be in her heart and her memories. But she knows I will be with her always and she with me.


  1. I am so sorry to hear you had to run off to the rainbow bridge. Our Cal went to the bridge in March and we miss him everyday. We are sure you guys will be great furiends at the bridge!

  2. We came by from the CB to meet all of you and we're sorry to learn you've already left for the bridge. It's always sad for those left behind. You family will always love you.

  3. Hello Stubby and all, we are sorry Stubby had to leave, but it sounds like she took her job of caring for the girl very seriously. What a lovely, character cat Stubby was. May your memories of her bring smiles again soon.

    Whicky Wuudler

  4. Oh, Stubby is such a sweet kitty. Our eyes got filled with water. Stubby knew it was time to leave---yet, she knows her family will be OK. She's still near..

  5. Oh Stubby, your eyes tell of your sorrow at having to leave your family. We are sorry you had to go, but we are certain you will see your family again.

  6. Stubby, you are such a wonderful cat. We had tears in our eyes reading how you accompanied your human into adulthood and felt that she can look after herself now. Your illness came fast and furious - and we're glad you didn't suffer for months on end. Rest in Peace at the Rainbow Bridge, where you're forever free of pain. There are many good furiends to play with.
    Gentle purrs to your mom for her loss.
    Siena & Chilli